Roberta Stalvey, LMT, Adv. EFT
Massage TLC
1440 Carrollton Pkwy, #16105
Carrollton, Texas 75010


Roberta Stalvey, LMT, Adv. EFT
Massage TLC
1440 Carrollton Pkwy, #16105
Carrollton, Texas 75010

Massage and EFT — a Powerful Combination!
Massage alone is an outstanding stress reliever , however, massage and EFT form an unbeatable combination that will totally blow you away. If you have any anxiety, stress, or pain—or you just want to know what being totally relaxed and emotionally free feels like—then give me a call at 972-804-2468 or schedule an appointment online today!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a revolutionary, safe, non-invasive technique that can successfully address bodily pain, stress, anger, anxiety, phobias, past traumas, grief, guilt, depression, panic and addictions. Eliminating “locked-in” negative emotions that are causing physical conditions and ongoing emotional trauma and stress in your life can greatly aid you in reaching your full potential.

Specialties: Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, EFT / TFT, Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Light Therapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Raindrop Therapy, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Stone Massage

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Dr. Jim McCarty, DC
224 Cattle Baron Parc
Fort Worth, Texas 76108

Specialties: Acupressure, Bioidentical Hormones, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Chiropractors, Craniosacral Therapy, Distance Healing, Lymphatic Therapy, MicroCurrent Therapy, Myofascial Release, NAET, NHRT, Remote Healing

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Garlyn Mayo, CCT, NTS, LMT
Natural Therapeutics
Offering Hyperthermic Oxygen Therapy
6340 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Specialties: Acupressure, Biofeedback, Chelation Therapy, Colon Therapy, Color Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Detoxification Foot Bath, Distance Healing, Ear Coning, Energy Healing, EPFX (QXCI) / SCIO, Flower Essences, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Integrative Medicine, Iridology, Lymphatic Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Massage Therapy, MicroCurrent Therapy, Naturopathy, Neurofeedback, Nutrition, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Remote Healing, Shiatsu, Stone Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Water Therapy, Wellness Centers

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Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin
Student Clinic and Professional Clinic
2700 W. Anderson Ln. #512
Austin, Texas 78757
512-371-3738 and 512-467-0370


Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin
Student Clinic
4701 Westgate Blvd., Bldg C.
Austin, Texas 78745

AOMA is one of the largest providers of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Central Texas. Now accepting several major health insurance plans.

Specialties: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Herbology, Integrative Medicine, Meditation, Nutrition, Qi Gong, Reflexology, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui Na

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Cassy’s Healing Centre
141 Ruby Street
Abilene, Texas 79605
325-676-2434 or 325-668-2563

Cassy’s multicultural Gifts and Healing Centre has been serving the Spiritual Community since 1993. We offer a serene, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere in which people can express their true selves and bring forth their Inner Healer. It is our goal to provide individuals with the spiritual tools and support they need for their individual life paths and relationship with the Creator.

Specialties: Acupressure, Akashic Records, Animal Health, Aromatherapy, Channeling, Color Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Distance Healing, Ear Coning, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Guided Imagery, Healing Touch, Integrative Medicine, Life Coaching, Lymphatic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Metaphysics, Past Life Regression, Polarity Therapy, Rebirthing, Reflexology, Reiki, Remote Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Stone Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Water Therapy

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Dr. James E. Miles, FAM, CTN, ND
1811 N. Austin Avenue, Suite 203
Georgetown, Texas 78626

Through the Complementary and Alternative Medicine of herbal remedies, Dr. Miles, a board certified doctor of naturopathic medicine offers nutritional counseling and vitamin therapies, including dietary supplements, designed to help the whole person by removing obstacles to your health and wellness (health supplements), encouraging your body’s natural healing process.

Specialties: Acupressure, Ayurveda, Chelation Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, EFT / TFT, Energy Healing, Healing Touch, Herbology, Homeopathy, Iridology, Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Medical Intuitive, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness Centers


Kris Spears ND

Aransas Pass, TX 78336
Phone: 361-438-7947
Specialty: Naturopathic Health Practitioner offering support for selecting health-enhancing lifestyle choices such as diet, nutritional and/or botanical supplementation, stress management, exercise.
Key Training: Doctor of Naturopathy degree through Clayton College of Natural Health.

Christ-Singh Khalsa

Austin, TX 78745
Phone: 512-576-5270
Specialty: Mind-Body Health Practitioner offering Mind-Body Healing Techniques including Spiritual Life Coaching, Yoga and Nutrition Counseling.
Key Training: Advanced Kundalini Yoga training through 3 HO Foundation, Certification as Kundalini Yoga Practitioner by International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association, Tibetan Mind-Body Healing Techniques and Ayurvedic Nutrition training with Dr. Yogi Bhajan.

Adrienne J.K. Carmack M.D.

Brenham, TX 77833
Phone: 979-830-1014
Specialty: Medical Doctor offering comprehensive urologic care with a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes, nutrition, vitamin supplementation, exercise & allopathic medicine. Practice includes conditions involving the urinary tract & male genital tract, incontinence, bladder control, prostate health, kidney stones, prostate cancer.
Key Training: Medical Doctor degree from Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine, Residency in Urology through University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Heidi Katherine Iratcabal N.D.

Dallas, TX 75287
Phone: 972-248-9083
Specialty: Naturopathic Practitioner offering Functional Endocrinology, Bio-Terrain Testing, Sugi (Korean style of acupressure and alignment), Laser Light Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Athlete Evaluations and Programs.
Key Training: Doctor of Naturopathy and MS (Natural Health) degrees from Clayton College of Natural Health, Certificate in Functional Endocrinology from Apex Energetics.

Jenny Currie R.N., Ph.D., C.N.C., M.H.

Houston, TX 77099
Phone: 713-270-8100
Specialty: Natural Health Practitioner offering Nutritional & Life Enhancement Counseling to – Prevent diseases through sound nutrition. Improve disease outcomes through nutrition (heart disease, diabetes, weight control, menopause). Learn about natural hormone balance. Audio CD on Osteoporosis available on
Key Training: Nursing degree from B.G. Alexander College of Nursing, Master Herbalist & PhD degree from Clayton College of Natural Health, Certified Nutritional Consultant by American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Ron Davis D.D.

Mesquite, TX 75150
Phone: 903-603-3884
Specialty: Wellness Counselor concentrating on establishing a spiritual-based, customized Holistic Nutritional Program that includes Metabolic Typing, Ayurvedic Assessment, Total Body/Mind Assessment, Health Education, re-establishing your spiritual authority.
Key Training: Masters of Science of Natural Health degree through Clayton College of Natural Health, Doctor of Divinity degree through American Institute of Holistic Theology, Masters of Science in Health Education degree through Hill University.

Laura M. Kopec MA, CNC

Plano, TX 75025
Phone: 972-468-9114
Specialty: Nutritional Consultant offering nutritional consultations, cooking classes, seminars. Holds appointed seat on Medical Advisory Committee for Rosacea Research and Development Institute.
Key Training: Certificate in Nutritional Counseling from Trinity College of Natural Health, MA (Education) degree from University of Arizona, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Diane Seago Atkins , PhD, HHP

San Antonio, TX 78248
Phone: 210-408-0223
Specialty: Holistic Health Practitioner offering unique and handcrafted skin care.
Key Training: PhD (Holistic Health Practice) degree from Creative Health Institute, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Kim Krost RA, BS, LMT, LMTI

San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: 210-967-4400
Specialty: Registered Aromatherapist™ offering over 50 all natural holistic proprietary products, specializing in botanicals for pollen allergies. Massage Therapist using clothed advanced massage therapy techniques to bring balance and restoration to the whole body.
Key Training: Aromatherapy Training™ through Northwest College for Herbal and Aromatic Studies, Registered Aromatherapist™ by Aromatherapy Registration Council, Massage Therapy training through Academy for Massage Therapy Training, Licensed Massage Therapist by State of Texas.

George V. Manning

San Antonio, TX 78233
Specialty: Wellness Coach offering support for ideal weight management, nutrition, dietary supplement selection and alternative pharmacy counseling.
Key Training: Wellness Coach training through Spencer Institute.

Nika Dearing HLC, CPH

Spring, TX 77379
Phone: 832-335-7606
Specialty: Holistic Life Coach offering holistic approach to wellness and life coaching and hypnosis.
Key Training: Holistic Life Coach Training & Certification through Spencer Institute, Professional Hypnotist Training under Richard Nongard, LMFT, CCH, Professional Hypnotist Certification through International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

John L. Burk IV

Taylor , TX 76574
Phone: 512-291-0008
Specialty: Stress Management Specialist offering Educational Entrainment which is brainwave synchronization to bring balance of right and left hemispheres of the brain for calming and enhancing brain function.
Key Training: Training and Certification as Health Science Consultant through Life Science Institute.

Mira Dessy NE

The Woodlands, TX 77382
Phone: 281-203-5054
Specialty: Nutrition Educator offering individual consultations to explain the concept of eating well to be well. Focus on whole food nutrition and making healthy lifestyle choices. Also offers grocery tours, pantry parties, cooking classes and lectures.
Key Training: Nutrition Consultant Training through Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.



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